In the Indo-Pak subcontinent calligraphy has also attracted many a skilful hand. And Khurshid Alam Gauhar Qalam is one of he world-famous practitioners of this art. He has also written extensively on calligraphy: five of his books have been prescribed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in syllabi for Graduation and Master degrees in fine arts. His latest book “Pearls of Calligraphy”, contains, as the title suggests, specimens of some of the finest pieces of calligraphy done by him over the years.

In his book “The Pearls of Calligraphy”, Gauhar Qalam writes: “When the Nabataean peoples rose to power, the Nabataean script was originated. From this script then was formed the Mullaqi script while about two hundred years before the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was invented the Hirah, following the name of the place. Afterwards, when Hirah came to be known as Kufa, this script was turned to the name of Kufic. At the advent of Islam, Kufic scrpt was already in use in its nascent fro known by the name of Jazm script. Thus the Holy Quran at the time of its revelation was scribed in this script. It may also be of interest to note that when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wrote letters to different rulers for the propagation of Islam, they were also written in this script.”
In Pakistan, there are lots of people who just not master on this art but also they are teaching youths to carry on this unique art to the next generations.


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